• arte gemini artists 2020

    MozART group with 65 shows in Paris 2018

    MozART group with 65 shows in Paris 2018

    The story began on March 21st 1995

    KROSNY for SAP Mannheim - Germany

    MozART group at the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam

  • quattrocelli on tour in Japan 2014 / Olympus Hall Hachioji

    quattrocelli on tour in Japan 2014 / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

    MozART group after show / China Tour 2013

    MozART group at the Arts Festival in Shenzen

    Ready for the China Tour of the MozART group 2013 in Guangzhou

    Suzhou Culture and Arts Center / MozART group China Tour 2013

  • MozARTgroup and Mr.Sergey Lavrov at the Late Night Show in Moscow

    quattrocelli and Mr.Kevin Spacey in Singapore

    Ready to go / MozART group on tour

    Odessa / Ukraine before TV Show

    quattrocelli and the former Polish president Mr.Lech Wałęsa

    MozART group and HE President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski and the First Lady

  • At the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial in Taipei

    At the Canterbury Festival

    Affabre live!

    KROSNY - Keep laughing!

    KROSNY - Too funny for words!

    Affabre Pit Stop!

  • MozART group in Taiwan

    MozART grop - on tour

    MozART group - on tour

    quattrocelli- revealed!

    MozART group and Mr.Maxim Vengerov

    quattrocelli- sublime!

  • MozART group and Mr.Schewach Weiss

    Thomas Porwol and the KRONOS Quartet

    MediCimbal live on stage

    MozART group at the ESPLANADE Hall in Singapore

    quattrocelli with Mr.Kai Pflaume / ARD Event

    30 Minutes before show in Ciudad Juarez / Mexico

  • Roots

    KROSNY and MozART group

    MozART group in Holland

    This is what we like

    quattrocelli with Mr.Kai Pflaume / ARD Event

    MozART group in Moscow

  • At work

    Free time in the Kingdom of Bahrain

    TV Morning Show in Costa Rica

    MozART group in Moscow


    At Disney Hall L.A.

  • At the TV News Show in Riga/Latvia

    KROSNY and the MozART group


    Idyllwild Arts Poster 2005

    KROSNY show